All articles submitted to THE UISPP JOURNAL will be subject to a peer-review process. 

UISPP employs a double blind reviewing: the referees remain anonymous (except when expressly requested by the same) as well as the authors remaining unknown to the reviewers. The referee are selected according to their expertise, the UISPP Journal welcomes suggestions for referees from the authors, htough those suggestions may not necessarily be followed.

Referees are asked to evaluate the originality of the publication, the stringency of the methodology used, the clarity with which results are presented and correct referencing. Linguistic corrections are not part of the remit of the peer review process.

The duration of the peer-review process depends on referees' response time but will normally take less than 2 months. Where authors are asked to undertake revisions they have one month to submit the revised version. Submissions are published on-line within a maximum of one month from their final acceptance.